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Customer stories

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Accelerating insights with no-code pixel perfect reporting

Large risk management firm empowers team to integrate pixel perfect reports, define custom reporting and access control with a no-code approach that transforms their insights experience.


Driving monetization with embedded telemetric insights

Global network provider unifies insights from 1400 partners and ~2M devices by integrating Qlik within a dynamic portal, resulting in proactive decisions and newer revenue streams.

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Transforming Mash-up Experience

Leader in banking technology drives breakthrough analytics adoption with no-code portal integration and branding for external users.

Product Documentation

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Explore help in getting started, installation process, pre-requisites and possibilities with SenseOps.

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SenseOps Community

Participate in building powerful visualization that truly empowers every user of analytics.

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Feature Requests

Share tips, ideas and recommendations on new product features, enhancements.

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New Releases & Updates

Stay updated on upcoming releases, product updates and milestones in our roadmap.

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Smart Tables

Unlock new flexibility beyond native Table experiences

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Explore new perspectives and curate bespoke insights

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Respond faster to key changes in your business

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Pixel Reporting

Generate pixel perfect reports from within apps

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Accelerate decisions with automated write-back

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Redefine navigation with greater flexibility over pages

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UI Builder

Create, embed and accelerate personalized mashups

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Embed Anywhere

Integrate dynamic charts on-the-go on your web pages

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Source Code Control

Run multi-user development with automated versioning

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Accelerate deployment of apps, between environments

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Automate delivery of apps to production with pipelines

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