Powerful plug-and-play extensions for Qlik

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Smart Tables

Redefine dashboarding experience and analysis with advanced Tables

Get more out of Tables by adding media, charts and additional values within cells or columns. Improve your analysis by adding new fields, tool-tips and conditional representation of data.

Go beyond native Qlik features and unlock new flexibility in Pivot Tables

Create, customise and control pivot tables using a library of new styles, dynamic labels, custom fonts, size and templates.

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Stretch your imagination with rich visualization for Line Charts

Create stylish multi-line charts with curvy lines and advanced tool-tips. Take control of colours, values and how your data is loaded.

Explore new perspectives and trends packed within Combo Charts

Combine Line, Bar and other charts with fluidic interactivity. Analyse with two or more dimensions and measures, include rich media formats and color gradients.

Build, personalize and govern your own reports for bespoke insights

Add data points needed for custom analysis and decide who should view or edit. Gain flexibility to toggle between table types, modify views or move columns at ease.

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Respond faster to key changes happening in your business

Stay on top of crucial changes or anomalies in your Qlik Sense data. Set custom rules and schedules for notifications and instantly share them with teams as incidents surface.

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Accelerate decisions with automated write-back to databases

Write and edit data back to your source databases (Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres, MariaDB, SQLite) or CSVs live from Qlik Sense, in matter of minutes.

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Improve navigation experience with better control over menus

Personalize your menu templates, orientation and their structure within Qlik apps. Manage page navigation and actions dynamically without writing any code.

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Growth-led teams rely on SenseOps

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  • Higher ROI from Qlik Analytics image

    Exponential gains from Qlik Investments

  • One-stop platform for all Qlik analytics needs image

    All of Qlik journey under one-roof

  • Accelerated analytics adoption across teams image

    Accelerated adoption across teams

  • Fresh insights, powered by automation image

    Fresh insights, powered by automation

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