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Users & Authorizations

In the SenseOps, there are four different sorts of users, and each one is capable of doing their own tasks.

Super User : Super Users are those users who have full access to the system and are able to add, edit, and remove projects and repository entries.

Manager : Managers can establish, amend, and delete their own projects, but they are unable to change or delete any other projects. The changes can be approved by the manager.

Developer : Developers get access to the source code files and may do development tasks, but they are not authorized to delete or add new projects.

Promotor : Jobs and packages, which are groups of jobs, could be created by the promoter.

Admin Settings

We may modify the settings for Qlik Sense, InfoXD, User Management, Active Directory, and Settings for Git Source under Settings.

Below screen would show you the options available in the "Admin Panel" settings.


Qlik Sense

Below are the details to be filled in for the configuration settings for Qlik Sense Server. Multiple Qlik servers settings configured here and based on the environment details we can utilise with SenseOps.

• Server Name:  Qlik server name.
• Host: Host name where Qlik hosted
• Qlik Port: Qlik configured port number
• Domain Port: domain port if required
• Virtual Proxy: Qlik virtual proxy
• Header Virtual Proxy Session Key: Session Key for Header virtual proxy
• Select Is Secure: For https access we need to select "TRUE",  for http access we need to select "FALSE"
• Authentication Token: Enter Authentication Bearer Token
• Default User: Qlik username with the full access
• Default Directory: Organisation current default directory
• Certificate URL: Certificate Path URL where certificate is placed

Screenshot Screenshot


User Management

User management option allows you to create the new user with the Active Directory(AD) settings and can be edited with the existing AD settings.


Below are the options needs to be entered to create the User details in User management.

• User Name  
• E-mail 
• Active Directory ID 
• User Directory 
• Full Name 
• Select Role  
   Super User - who is having the full access with the system, This user can do create/edit/delete the projects, repositories in SenseOps.
   Developer User - who is developing the application from the inside of the project and could be accessible with their application codes.
   Deployment User - who is deploying the application in the system. This user can create the Jobs & Packages in SenseOps.

Active Directory

• Enable Active Directory Login : To enable "Enable Active Directory Login" to enter the Active Driectory details. 
• Active Directory URL : URL for the active directory access
• Base DN : The Base DN is the starting point an LDAP server uses when searching for users authentication within your Directory.
• Active Directory Domain 
• User Directory 
• Full Name



Select Source : Two sources are available in the source list to configure. i,e) Git & Bit bucket